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Chief Operating Officer

Eileen graduated from the University of Mary Washington in 2016 with a bachelor’s in business administration with a double major in English and minor in Asian Studies. In 2017, she graduated from a global dual Master’s program, earning degrees in Global Commerce and Strategic Management, as well as a Certificate in International Business Management, from the University of Virginia, ESADE Business School, and Lingnan University. Eileen works in client leadership at an advertising agency in Los Angeles. 


In her spare time, Eileen currently practices a variety of dance styles, is learning to play the piano, and dabbles in writing. She’s also a fan of travel, art, cosplay/ costume design, and gaming. Eileen is passionate about life-long learning and cultivating a growth mindset, and she believes that a variety of experiences and people to share them with are the key to a fulfilling life. 

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